Catherine’s Castle - The Story
The continuing adventures of the Colorado Girls.


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City Castles Greeting Cards, Every Picture Tells a Story… because the Greeting and Christmas cards that are Shown in the City Castle online store, are the illustrations for the Catherine’s Castle Story. They illustrate the story, evolve out of the story, and are inspired by it. Read the chapters, and look at the cards- try to figure out which cards evolve out of which chapter. Soon new chapters will be added to the story.

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The story is most appropriate for mature children, tweens and teens. I have never felt that I could, or should, edit a story to free it of every fearful occurrence. I would rather show that my characters learn to be brave- and to face that which frightens them. However, children may be afraid of imagined characters and events- and in that case, should not read – or have the story read to them. The characters and events in both books are imagined ones. Since they are imagined, there is no need to look for their counterparts in real life.

If you find some resemblance with “real life”- there are reasons for that- among those reasons are (1.) your own good imagination (2.) though this work is a fantasy- I am describing people. People tend to share common behaviors, characteristics and destinies.

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