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The Introvert's Book Club

Book clubs, writers, and teachers are a natural alliance to promote Children's Literacy in the U.S.A.


 To Book Clubs - a few words from Linda Pilkington

Spring 2010   Arthur Collins and The Three Wishes (Arthur the Brave!) by Linda Rash Pilkington  Available at:  and . See Linda Rash Pilkington's media kit at: scroll down to MEDIA KIT.

To read a review of Arthur Collins and the Three Wishes by Prisca Rodriguez, educator, and writer, please go to:  This is a terrific site to visit for book reviews. You can follow Prisca on Twitter @pm_rodriguez  for book reviews, teaching news and more!

On June 26th at 11:30 a.m. there will be a celebration for my mystery/adventure book for ages 8-up, a celebration where we will  announce, Arthur Collins and the Great American Book Race! A year long event to benefit children's literacy. (   scroll down to MEDIA KIT) 

Children's' literacy has an important place in my heart; I want Arthur Collins and the Three Wishes, and the book race to help  more children become avid, devoted readers. Children's' Literacy is important for authors whether they write children's books or college textbooks. Going beyond the importance of reading, to our  children, or even it's importance to our nation, the author also has a great stake in literacy, because if the public can't read, or doesn't want to read, then no one is going to buy her book. 

It is astonishing that we spend so much on education in this country, and still have many who can't read.  Added to schools and teachers' efforts there are countless other reading programs that address our children's low reading skills. There are also many Literacy Foundations/organizations throughout the country that concentrate on reading programs. Check for yourself, with a simple Google search for "literacy", or "children's' literacy", and you will be amazed by the number of foundations and volunteer programs involved. So, we must ask: what is the problem?

Everyone says that it is not just the problem of children learning to read, but that they must also want to read. Many say it is the competition for children's attention. Television, video games, face book, texting, and sports; there are too many activities and distractions that keep kids from reading. 

We could make long lists of reasons that kids either can't read, or don't read -even if they can.

But, I think one of the reasons to put under, why children don't read, is quite simple:  many of the books kids are given, aren't exciting, or mysterious, or even very interesting. In fact, a majority of the books that we are giving to children aren't any fun at all. That is because many children's writers are now writing books on serious (depressing?) subjects.

That's not entirely bad, but I'm not sure how big an appetite there is for a constant diet of books with serious subjects. As an adult, I don't want to be force fed books that deal with illness, or with every environmental crisis in the universe. Sometimes I want, and need, to read something else, something relaxing, something fun, something light, or something mysterious. I think that children feel the same way.

Read a few of the reviews for kids books in your newspaper. Most of the books reviewed are very serious. Recently the Denver Post had three reviews, they were about: kids dealing with disabilities, with illness, or death. Glance through the books for children in books stores and you may find somewhat lighter subjects, like saving the whales, or even SAVING THE PLANET!

We have gone too far. Some writers don't really write for kids at all, instead, they write for their editors- and their editors want to read and want to publish books (even fictional ones) that address serious social issues. The focus of these books is usually not adventure, rather there is a focus on such subjects/ or strong messages about: civil rights, pleas for diversity, or various, barely disguised, political messages, or, once again: SAVING THE PLANET.

As these serious books take over the kid's book market, kids, who just want an adventure, or a minute or two when they don't have to: SAVE THE WHALES, or, SAVE THE PLANET, have decided that reading is boring or depressing. The children have left these social message books, unread, in their bookcase, and have abandoned reading. They have gone elsewhere so that they can have a little fun.

I didn't want my book for children, 8-up to be that kind of book.  Of course I want it to inspire a bit, I even hope that my book will stand the test of time, and live on, down through the years, but mostly I want kids to do what I did when I read as a child : ESCAPE.

As a child I wanted to lose myself in the imaginary and compelling world that I found between the covers of the book. With my book, and with Arthur Collins and the Great American Book Race, I want children to learn the joy of reading once again. I want them to read simply because it is fun. I want to take them on an adventure that will leave them eager to read another book, and then another.  

On June 26,2010 when I read a selection from my book, I hope that the children who hear my words, and meet Arthur Collins, won't just want to go home and switch on the television.

I hope that they will want to escape into the pages with Arthur Collins, and to travel back with him in time, to the sixth century, to meet witches, wizards, and Merlin. If they have fun there, in that world I have created for them, then that will be the real cause for my celebration.  Buy the Book @   



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Some of the inspiration for The Introvert's Book Club™ came from the men's clubs that once flourished, (and probably still flourish) in England.

"A meeting place for friends, one with cheerful fires roaring in the fireplaces, the smell of leather upholstery in a room lined with books, tranquility, but also good conversation with cheerful, civil people- we longed for such a place."

The Introvert's Book Club is not able to offer the fireplace, or the leather upholstery- but we do offer good conversation with cheerful civil people- and that- along with the books - seems to be enough. 

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