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Hark, You-friend, who travel these lands for pleasure or perhaps on a quest!  Halt!  City Castles®, LLC is more than a practical place - it is a kingdom - full of magic and imagination so tarry here awhile!

City Castles®, LLC offers tales of Kings and Queens.  It offers tales of brave knights fighting against dragons and for noble causes.  Come to this place & discover greeting cards that touch your heart and rediscover the love of reading; Francis Bacon said: Reading maketh a full man

INTROVERT'S BOOK CLUB:  This copyrighted club has been formed for people who love books and like to discuss them.  This small group meets to discuss the books they have read.  Reports about the meetings that are held will appear and be updated on the Introvert’s Book Club page.  Discussions about the worldview, from an introvert’s viewpoint, will also appear there.  Information about ordering “The Introvert’s Book Club” cards and notepads will be on the City Castles®, LLC Store page.  Those interested in forming their own, independent “Introvert’s Book Club” can do so- but they must follow the “Introvert’s Book Club” guidelines.  Information for buying book club guidelines will appear on the City Castles®, LLC Store page. MORE>>

CATHERINE'S CASTLE STORY:  Catherine’s Castle will appear as a serialization on this web site.  The Castle in the City (Gwynies Story) will soon be available for purchase on this web site. This story is most appropriate for mature teens or young adults.  I have never felt that I could, or should, edit a story to free it of every fearful occurrence.  I would rather show that my characters learn to be brave- and face that which frightens them.  However, young children may be afraid of imagined characters and in that case, should not read- or have the story read to them.  The characters and events in both books are imagined ones.  Since they are imagined there is no need to look for their counterparts in real life.  If you find some resemblance- there are reasons for that- among those reasons are (1) your own good imagination; (2) though this work is a fantasy I am describing people- people tend to share common behaviors, and characteristics.  Throughout the story I will pace pause points (marked as PP) those will be good points to stop in case you need to go on to other work.  Pause, but please return-bring a friend, and join us in “the Queen’s Parlor.”  We will be looking for you at – pass it  MORE>>

ONLINE GIFT SHOP:  Stop by and browse our online gift shop.  We have wonderful handcrafted items that are sure to please any fan of the Catherine's Castle story or anyone who has a passion for castles.  Our beautiful designs are exclusive to City Castles®, LLC and are designed by local Colorado artists.  Come back and visit us often as we are always adding new and exciting items to our online collection!  MORE>>

ARTHUR COLLINS AND THE THREE WISHES:  A great gift idea for anyone young at heart!  322 pages. Available in hard or soft cover! Arthur Collins spends most of his time hiding. He hides from his embarrassing family, his scary teachers, and most of all, the Ruffians.  He hates being a coward, but what else can he do?  One night changes everything.   MORE>>

COLLEGE STOP FORMS:  Colleges and Universities, the Stop Form will help your institution retain students.  The Stop Form, sold by City Castles®, LLC is an intervention method that speaks to the heart of the student.  The Stop Form is a powerful way to help your students succeed.  The Stop Form is a last step, last chance- intervention method.  MORE>>