STOP the DROP! Colleges and Universities, the Stop Form will help your institution retain students.  The Stop Form, sold by City Castles®, LLC is an intervention method that speaks to the heart of the student.  The Stop Form is a powerful way to help your students succeed.  The Stop Form is a last step, last chance- intervention method.

The Stop Form is offered to colleges and universities, for purchase, on the  City Castles web site, just as other Student Retention products are offered to colleges and universities. Please respect City Castles intellectual property rights!

The Stop Form is a duplicate copy, form; The Stop Form is a Product. The Stop form is a system of student retention.

Note to Minority Student Representatives:

Help the minority students you represent stay in class and on track with their education, and their dreams. Recommend that your college Advising and Admissions office support minority student retention by using the Stop Form to discourage dropped classes.

 Try the Stop Form, It will:

  • Provide options to your students

  • Provide instant guidance to your students.

  • Stop impulsive decisions.

  • Provide an advising opportunity.

  • Help your students find ways to attain goals.

  • Provide another opportunity for your institution to re-contact the student-immediately after the class has been dropped.

Order the Stop Form - The form is a duplicate copy form.  Click the picture below for a larger view of the Stop Form.   The Stop Form is 5 ½” x 8 ½.


How to use the Stop Form: 

  • The Stop Form should be prominently displayed in order for it to have an important visual impact.

  • The Stop Form should be filled out before the student fills out your college’s add-drop form.  The Stop Form purposely adds another simple step to the drop process.

  • Students should receive efficient and caring attention-whether they check a box on the Stop Form-to request additional help, or if he/she decides to drop his/her classes.

  • If the student checks the Blanks on the Stop Form-to have a staff member from the Registration office call, or to have a counselor call-that call should be made within 24 hours of the date shown on the Stop Form.

City Castles®, LLC is proud to offer The Stop Form to aid your University/College in its efforts to retain students.

 Please note that the Stop Form is copyrighted and so protected by United States copyright laws.

There are many elements of a successful student retention program, but one of the most important is to address a student’s affective needs.  The feelings a student confronts at that moment when he/she decides to drop or withdraw from a class at your University/ college.

The Stop Form is meant to intervene at that emotional moment when a student arrives at your Registration office prepared to fill out the drop form and to drop his/her class.  At that crucial moment, the visual impact of the Stop Form will cause the student to stop for a moment and consider what he/she is doing.

This hesitation may lead him/her to check one of the boxes on the Stop Form to request a counselor or a member of the Registration Department to call to help the student find an answer to his/her difficulty.  The Stop Form is designed to make the decision to drop more difficult.  If a student has once confronted the form and that moment of reckoning with him/her self, the student may not want to repeat that experience again.

Surveys have shown that on average one in three college freshmen transfers/or drops classes before ever becoming a sophomore.  Many institutions have found how quickly this loss of students translates to a drop in enrollment.

Let us help you close the gates on the revolving door syndrome.  Order the Stop Form.  Take the opportunity to Intercede at that emotional moment when the student arrives at your registration office-prepared to drop his/her class.  Please note: The Stop form is  protected by copyright laws.

 Find out what ordering the Stop Form will do for your institution:

  • It offers a painless opportunity to increase Student Retention.

  • It is a solution that works for Institutions comparable to your own.

  • Is an easy step in your Institution’s entire retention effort.

When displayed the form is a visible and effective answer when your office is asked, “What is our institution doing to retain students and meet revenue goals?”

 Order the Stop Form,  It will STOP THE DROP!

In the past, when you were asked, “What is this Institution doing to meet revenue goals?” You answered proudly-because-

  • You’ve advised.

  • You’ve involved faculty.

  • You’ve helped students set goals.

  • You’ve instituted new programs.

  • You’ve identified at-risk students.

  • You’ve offered those students extra help.

  • You’ve mentored.

 All are important steps. Now, take one more important step and  order the Stop Form.


 Sometimes, no matter the effort, other means to reach the student have failed.  The student arrives at the registration office, with all kinds of conflicting emotions; the visual impact of the Stop Form will encourage the student to take a moment to think before they drop their class or classes.

 A sample of the Stop Form is shown on the Stop Form order form.  The size of The Stop Form is 5 ½” by 8 ½”  The Stop Form is a duplicate copy form.  Most Institutions give one copy to the student and use the other for student retention purposes.

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