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February 19, 2004
Definition:  Herald -1. A royal or official messenger. 2. Any messenger.

Hooray for the Red White and Blue!

February 19th 2004


Thank you, to all of the American soldiers, throughout history, who have sacrificed so much-their own health, sometimes their very lives, for the cause of Liberty- for America, and  for other peoples' freedom.

This February, as we celebrate President's Day: We thank those American leaders- who despite political expediency, have throughout our country's history,  understood that they must be strong. We are grateful that they have known that they have a duty, to protect our homeland, our constitution, our history, our principles, and our traditions. America has had a few such exemplary leaders in its past and present. In the uncertain future, may Providence continue to provide us more. 

two lines From:


by Arthur O'Shaughnessy

"For each age is a dream that is dying,

Or one that is coming to Birth."


Across this beautiful world today, some are building, some are destroying, some are suffering and dying, others are leaving people they love, or once loved, while others are being married or being born. Everywhere, there are people who are crying in despair, or laughing with joy. So many people, struggling with, and often against each other -trying to make their dreams come true.

In America, as across the world there has been a great debate against or for war.

But now, in America, our Hearts must offer prayers for President Bush and for brave Tony Blair.

And for the brave people in our armed services.

"May they be protected.

May they be strong and good- may they be wise and brave. May they strive to do good wherever they are.

For ourselves the prayer: Let us be honorable and stand for the ideals that our country was founded upon.  

And, even as we pray, "God Bless America"

We don't forget.

To offer  prayers for all of the good people all over this earth. We have so much that is good within ourselves to share. May our dissension soon end and our friendships grow again.

"God Bless us Everyone!"

Tiny Tim from, Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol


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Colorado Comments


February, 2004. This Colorado day is bright and clear.

On such days, how can you not celebrate the gift of life, and freedom? All people have troubles; life can be difficult. But with a bit of hope in your heart, and the sun warm on you shoulders what could be more wonderful than this?


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A Word From City Castles

Dear Travelers through this Realm, 

The Introvert's Book Club  January meeting took place on January 17, 2004. The book reviews are listed on the Introvert's Book Club page on the City Castles web site. The February meeting is being planned. .  

The Catherine's Castle story: Chapter 12  is  currently on the City Castles web site. The story has been updated.  

The Design of  The Dragon,  the mini mystery shown below is told paragraph by paragraph.  The setting of the story is London in the 1930's. Gillian and John Adams, the young Detectives, are Americans.  Please note that the porcelain collection-and the myth of the dragon  related in the story are fictional inventions.  The story itself is fictional. Check out  chapter 13 of  The Design of The Dragon.

The chapters will not be repeated so you must check in - in order to keep up with the story. The Design of the Dragon will be updated soon.

We haven't forgotten Design of the Dragon- as soon as we can the story will be resumed.

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Classified Ads:  Agony Listings - Definition:  Agony Column:  A section in a newspaper containing advertisements by those seeking lost pets, possessions, and relatives.  Individuals would advertise life changes such as divorce.  Agatha Christie had her detectives place mysterious ads there in order to flush out a culprit.

 Mini Mystery (a serial-told-paragraph by paragraph) Story began with previous agony ads. Chapters are not repeated. Setting: 1930's  -London.


Linda Pilkington 

After walking for some minutes in silence, Gillian looked about, the clouds were beginning to lift- if the day brightened the others on the estate would soon be out of doors, including the dreaded, and dreadful, Marsden Ramsay, Jocelyn's husband.

Gillian wondered for a moment whether her brother John, and Peter Simon, "expert in porcelains", had discovered any chicanery in the Richardson porcelain collection. That was- after-all the first assignment for Restons' -to find out if someone was stealing from Colleen Richardson.

That was the suspected crime, and Gillian's job was to get to know the relatives-to find the ones most likely to be involved in theft-if theft was the only difficulty.

But always with people, reality was more complicated, and often the story, behind the story could be what would help in resolving Colleen Richardson's problems.

Whether the story was one of pilfering from the porcelain collection, or whether someone was planning on removing Colleen Richardson as the heir to the estate, Gillian needed more answers from Mrs. Ramsay, before their conversation was interrupted.

"I hadn't realized that the four cousins, English, American and Irish, had been seeing so much of each other, and had been close friends for so many years." She said, by way of restarting the discussion. 

"Oh yes, since childhood. It was Gerald's father's doing- I suppose. He probably was trying to keep the Richardson influence, his own bloodline- as a strong influence in times to come. He was looking ahead to his grandchildren. That is the way that he thought. Now, of course- there will be no grandchildren."

"Yes, some plans, no matter how determined- aren't fulfilled." Mrs., Ramsay said, thoughtfully.

"So he was hoping to make himself a force in the future. If his bloodline was passed on in both his son and his son's wife  the grandchildren would inherit in both the physical traits and personality -characteristics that would make the grandfather immortal." Gillian said.

"Didn't he realize that weakness and disease might also be passed on?"

"I doubt if he ever thought that he or his family had any weakness or disease, Miss Adams."

"And his plan would have worked out well-had Gerald lived. Gerald and Colleen always were attracted to each other, I suppose?" Gillian asked.

"Actually, for years I was sure that Anne Bentley and Gerald were a more likely couple. Anne had more impact-more attraction than Colleen-if you can imagine."

"No, I can't. But really, but I had heard that Anne Bentley wasn't attractive after childhood."

"Goodness, who could have said that? Well, everyone has their opinion I suppose." Jocelyn Ramsay looked a bit surprised.

"Still it is an astonishing thing to say." She murmured to herself, and then as an explanation, said, "Anne Bentley does have the personality of an actress- she could take on any part- I do recall seeing her- at least I thought it was her-up in London-looking quite dowdy. I wasn't sure why- perhaps she had been ill. Of course I never asked her about it. But it was puzzling."

" But no, Anne was always an absolute beauty. She and Colleen so much alike in every way-except for that little extra that Anne had that seemed to attract so many men. When she and Colleen were in a room- the circle was around Anne-I'm sure that it made Colleen a bit upset at times." She reported with a touch of relish.

"To me, Miss Adams, it always seemed like the beginning of trouble for them all. There was Colleen-who had fallen in love with Gerald, and Gerald smitten with Anne."

"And Anne, who was she smitten with?"

"Early on it looked to me that Trevor Connor was a bit of an obsession-actually they were obsessed with each other. They couldn't seem to see anyone else. Then something changed, and for awhile it looked as if Gerald was the favorite-in fact-I was sure that it was settled. Then again, something changed. And in the end it was Colleen and Gerald who were engaged. Such switching about and intrigue-almost like the French."

"But where is Anne Bentley now?" Gillian asked.

Suddenly they heard foot steps approaching, and looking behind they saw an unlikely pair, Marsden Ramsay and Trevor Connor hurrying to catch up with them.

"Goodness, Marsden, you will wind yourself!" Jocelyn Ramsay, fluttered.

Gillian was torn between an inner curse at the bad luck of an interruption, and the necessity of a false smile of welcome. She managed to do both.

Chapter 13



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